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  1. Students can ARRIVE TO WROCŁAW after 25th of September – that’s the earliest day they can be accommodated in dormitories. List of allocated places will be published in September.
  2. Cost of dormitory is about 400 zł per month.
  3. On 2nd October students (all foreigners from  BUWiWM: The Ignacy Łukasiewicz Scholarship Programme, foreigners from Senegal, Angola and from Admission Office Wrocław University of Science and Technology) have to report to Polish Language Study at 9am (Address: 8 Wybrzeze Wyspianskiego, building H-4, room 112). They’ll receive every additional information there. Course consist of 4hrs of polish language classes. From summer semester students will attend major subject’s classes, depending on field of study chosen. The timetable will be given on 2nd October.
  4. Students will receive the SCHOLARSHIP on 15th  day of every month (scholarship holders).
  5. Students should have INSURANCE lasting until the middle of October. After that, they are obliged to have new insurance. They’ll receive help concerning buying new insurance in Poland. It will cost approx. 50zł/month. Students who have the Pole Card will be insured by the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology.
  6. About DOCUMENTS: the scholarship holder - Embassy of Poland or Polish Consulate in your country will provide you with all information, which documents you need; paid students - please contact
  7. The scholarship holder: all CERTIFICATES needed will be given to you by Polish consulate in your country; paid students - please contact

Informations about accommodation in academic year 2017/2018

Department of Polish Language for Foreigners Wrocław University of Science and Technology

Dormitory  T-6            
Reja 54/56 street


  • The Ignacy Łukasiewicz Scholarship Holder (2017/2018) – 7 person  
  • Scholarship Holder from Senegal – 3 person
  • Scholarship Holder from Angola – 12 person

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