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Wrocław University of Science and Technology
The Department of Polish Language for Foreigners

Wybrzeże Wyspiańskiego 27

50-370 Wrocław
Tel/Fax: +48 71 3202223







The Department of Polish Language for Foreigners was established in 1985 by Ministry of Education and the Rector of Wroclaw University of Technology. Students from all over the world study here. Several thousand students have completed courses in Polish, at a variety of levels, and enrolled at diverse universities, in order to study areas such as electronics, medicine, law, economy and political science – at undergraduate or postgraduate programmes.


The fees for one-year course: €2,000 plus €200 admission fee. Students of Polish ancestry are entitled to a 30% reduction.

Besides the above mentioned fees, students should budget for living and accommodation expenses. A shared room at a Hall of Residence is approx. 250 PLN per month. Other living costs are estimated at approx. 400 PLN per month.

The deadline for applications is 30th September each year. We also offer summer courses in Polish (detailed information follows).

Health insurance should be purchased by students from Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia (National Health Fund) or one of a range of privately-owned insurance companies. The cost is about 40 PLN.

In order to enroll you should deliver the required documents to:


The Admission Office for Foreigners, Wrocław University of Science and Technology  (H-14)
50-370 Wrocław
Wybrzeze Wyspianskiego 40
Tel: 71 3203170, 71 3204439, 71 3203719
Fax: 71 3203570


 Payment for the course should be made to the following account:

Wrocław University of Technology
Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. II Oddział Wrocław
nr 91 1090 2402 0000 0006 1000 0626
SWIFT WBK PPL PP with the following note: wpisowe za kurs jezyka polskiego


The Department of Polish Language for Foreigners at Wroclaw University of Technology is the only institution in Wroclaw which issues certificates entitling its graduates to enroll at any university in Poland.

The teachers are highly qualified. We established methods of teaching Polish as a foreign language are tailored to students’ individual needs.

The learning takes place in a beautifully-located, modern building, equipped with language and computer laboratories, library and multimedia library.

Since 1990 we have organized National Polish Language Competitions for International Students.

Courses offered by the Polish Language Centre for Foreigners:

  • The Polish language course
  • The Polish language summer course
  • The humanistic disciplines
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